special exhibition

collector's meeting/ musician flea market
17th of May

15th of May – 31st of July 2003

Above all it's in my head. The VINTAGE IBANEZ MUSEUM is a project for a longer term basis, it is my hobby, it is my dream. For the next years I won't have the time and the necessary chambers to show my IBANEZ collection as a real museum.

But starting on May the 15
th 2003 there will be a special exhibition of several weeks called:

"IBANEZ – Guitar Stories"

which I present in cooperation with the Technical Federal Museum of Mecklenburg Vorpommern e.V. in Schwerin, 100km east of Hamburg. This is an amazing step so far.

open from Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00AM-5:00PM
Attention: The Exhibition is going till 10th of August 2003, now

Nü-Acoustic on July the 12th 2003 at 7:00 PM
L&N slim from Schwerin present their new album "innovation".
You may look forward to a smooth evening of calm music.
Entrance for free!!!

more Info here:

"IBANEZ - Guitar Stories" presents on July the 26th 2003
Mike Keneally - frontiers of acoustic and electric guitar
The Frank Zappa & Steve Vai fame guitarist presents his new album "wooden smoke" and more.

"The best headphone-to-oblivion album since Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here.' 5 Stars out of 5" - GUITARIST

"How many people do you know who can make a CD sound hand-carved? Beautiful." - ANDY PARTRIDGE of XTC

Entrance 5 Euro only, Begins at 2:00 PM

Opening on May the 15th at 5:00 PM

following will talk:
Mr. Unger, President of the TLM e.V., Minister of state Dr. M. Hiltner, Mr. Reinhold Meinl and Yu Okamura

Opening speech
"IBANEZ - guitar history, guitar stories" by Dieter Roesberg, Chiefeditor GITARRE & BASS

BORSTIS RACHE, Familyband from Vietlübbe

There will be shown more than 100 IBANEZ-instruments: electronically and acoustic guitars, concert guitars, basses and mandolins, also some CIMAR and TAMA. Last but not least effect machines, original replacement parts, accessories, prospects, advertising materials and price lists.

From the late 60s till the brand new articles of the Music fare 2003 is everything shown:

Early own developments

A lot of copies (pre- and post-law suit) of American classics, f.e. Les Paul, SG, Explorer, Flying V, Modern, Firebird, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Beatles bass, Jazz guitars…

Custom Agent

Performer, Roadstar, Roadster, Blazer, Artist, Studio, Musician, Artwoods, Destroyer, Rocket Roll, Iceman, Talman, ATK, SR, AFR, …

Signatures of Georg Benson, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Paul Stanlay, Frank Gambale, John Scofield, Bob Weir...

the brand new Highlights JEM, RG, S, K7

beautiful limited editions

The huge presentations of 35 years of IBANEZ Rock'n'Roll Equipment was only possible because of the countless objects of loan by Mr. Reinhold Meinl from his private collection. Very special thanks.


By feet: The Technical Federal Museum of Mecklenburg Vorpommern e.V. is in the Werderstrasse 124 directly in downtown at the Lake of Schwerin, 2 min. away from the castle or 5 min. from the market/Dom.

By car: Schwerin is about 25 km north of the A24 Hamburg-Berlin. Just drive directly downtown in direction of Güstrow, drive by the castle and after 300m on the right side is the Werderstrasse 124.

By train: From the main train station is a 15 min. walk through the beautiful old downtown. Go by the Pfaffenteich in direction of the Dom trough the Mecklenburg- and Schmiedestrasse, cross the market in the Großen Mohr directly to the white Marstall-Ensemle. Taxi max. 10 EUR.

Hint: If you see a 5 m IBANEZ JEM you are exacly right.