How everything started

At first it happened a coincidence: I got my first guitar "from the west", an used IBANEZ CONCORD acoustic guitar, model number 647, 1975 model, a copy of a Fender King Flat Top. A real Dreadnought with a Stratocaster-head – What a dream!

I bought it from an Hungarian fellow student for 2000,- GDR Mark at the University of Rostock; a whole lot of money for a student at this time. A young qualified engineer got 700,- GDR Mark a month. But I was very glad that I got it. It kept me company for over hundred gigs with my band CANGURU and I have written so many songs with it and I am still playing my first IBANEZ.

After the wall came down Germany united and so we got the D-Mark, too. The craving for the products of the great American and English Manufactures, which arose in the GDR, was lived out excessively, brand awareness was kind of a civil law.

1996 I was looking for a starter bass guitar for my son Nils. I bought an IBANEZ Jazz Bass copy, model number 2365B without a serial number for 350, - DM (incl. 150W Peavy Basscombo) from a colleague. Years later Noel Redding, the legendary bass player of JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, autographed the bass.

That's how the idea of collecting IBANEZ copies of the traditional Rock and Folk instruments started. In the GDR (former East Germany) these instruments were the non plus ultra and THE synonym for a "West guitar". Only a few leading artists could afford the originals by FENDER, GIBSON or MARTIN. The huge variety of IBANEZ products was extensively not known because we did not have the access to leaflets or musician magazines. But among colleagues there have been a few Strats, Teles, SGs or Rick 4001-basses.

Each and every instrument had and has his own association and memories, for instance: Guitar heroes, an album or an remarkable concert. Since 1997 when I bought a modified SG, model number 2354S without a serial number from Hamburg's THOMAS WEILBIER No. 1 MUSIC PARK for 400,- DM my passion of collecting awaked.

I wanted as many as possible different guitar classics with the old IBANEZ – logo on the head.

My lovely and tolerant wife said that the less music I do the more instruments I buy. My philosophical brother-in-law Uli answered the always asked question: How many instrument do you already have? Always one too short.

Sometimes I am pretty much overthrown by my hobby...

My collection is not an investment, I don't want to hide it in a treasure chest.
I want to preserve these instruments and present them to an interested audience in relation to time. The change of popular music and its influence on the manufactory and the distribution of music instruments (and the other way around) shall be documented with the example of IBANEZ incl. CIMAR, TAMA and JAMBOREE as well as stories of specific models or artists.

Last but not least is the IBANEZ MUSEUM a hobby that one never be able to end but where I've got to know a lot of friends with or without an IBANEZ-Spleen.

Where is the IBANEZ MUSEUM?

Above all it's in my head. The VINTAGE IBANEZ MUSEUM is a project for a longer term basis, it is my hobby, it is my dream. For the next years I won't have the time and the necessary chambers to show my IBANEZ collection as a real museum.

But starting on May the 15
th 2003 there will be a special exhibition of several weeks called:

"IBANEZ – Guitar Stories"

which I present in cooperation with the Technical Federal Museum of Mecklenburg Vorpommern e.V. in Schwerin, 100km east of Hamburg. This is an amazing step so far.

Visitors welcome

Of course you may visit me every time for visiting my collection, mail or phone (+49 (0)3886 711568) me for booking.

Private One Man Museum

The IBANEZ MUSEUM is a non-commercial, pure private initiative and stands in no business relation to HOSHINO GAKKI CO. LTD., Japan/USA and ROLAND MEINL MUSICINSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co, Germany.
But I want to thank them sincerely for their overwhelming help and support which I got from both firms repeatedly several times.

Here my call card:
Pingo Schlüter,
1960   born, married to Eike, voc,
            two sons Nils, git, bass, voc and Ron, dr, git, voc
            Play guitar, mandolin and bouzouki since my 18. birthday,

1982 –1996   Singer/Songwriter Folk rock with CANGURU
1991 – today  Cover band "STRAFSACHE DR. SCHLÜTER",
1996 – today  family band "BORSTIS RACHE"

and who are you? e-mail

What will you see in the IBANEZ MUSEUM?

Above all you will see acoustic and electronically IBANEZ-Instruments with the old curvy IBANEZ logo of the pre law suit- era from 1969 till 1975, occasionally also till 1982. Also there will be models of the IBANEZ-low budget label CIMAR and the top of the line- model 3563 of the IBANEZ- noble label for acoustic guitars, TAMA.

Naturally there will be some effect machines and other accessories, for instance microphones and original replacement parts.

And if you have thirst for knowledge you will find prospects, price lists and advertisements.

Questions, Information, Offers

So far I'm able I will answer your questions.

Of course I'm always interested in buying more exhibits. It doesn't matter if it's a guitar, bass. mandolin, banjo, effect machines, attachments, prospects, advertising material, price lists or articles of press. Also the exchange is possible. e-mail

I didn't show the whole bunch of Vintage products of IBANEZ, CIMAR and TAMA on purpose because this amazing hard work is already done by my friend Hasy Neuenschwander from Switzerland and Harry Kruisselbrink from the Netherlands. An awesome page ….. for every IBANEZ interested person. Congratulations and thanks to Hasy and Harry.

As well I'm hinting at the unfortunately sold out book "Guitar Stories Volume One – History of cool guitars" by Michael Wright (ISBN 1-884883-03-6). It includes an detailed chapter about HOSHINO GAKKI CO. LTD. and the brand IBANEZ. Please look at my linx.